Dr. Mario Gussago

Company profile


Active from 1976 in open die forging industry, Fomec is able to produce about 30.000 tons/year of forgings.

The competitive advantage of the company is based on a leaner and efficient structure: flexibility, short deliveries and a direct customer interaction with the heart of business.

Experience and professionalism is combined with the processing procedures and the production means of the latest generation.

In the forging department, modern reheating and heat treatment furnaces guarantee the quality of the forged product.
Presses, hammers and manipulators give the possibility to forge pieces up to 50 tons. The cutting department is equipped with several saws, with cutting capacity up to 2300 mm.
Finally, in the machine shop, milling and boring machines, vertical and parallel lathes rough parts up to 40 tons.


Fomec Spa

Corso Inghilterra 40,
Mondovì, Cuneo, Italy
Telephone: +39017445394
Fax: +390174481009

P.IVA IT 02924330042
R.E.A. 247823 C.C.I.A.A. CUNEO

Quality certification

UNI EN ISO 9001:2008